Raven McChippy is an earth pony from Equestria who spends her freetime listening hard rave music and dreams of becoming a producer herself. Sadly she is too shy and sensitive to never attend a real rave but she still loves the aestethic of it. Some of her other hobbies are drawing and video games. She enjoys mostly singleplayer games and rhythm games. She lives in Manehattan.
Lolkki is a seagull from Finland who enjoys making her friends laugh. She fills her life with memes and jokes and many people say that she seems to be very one dimensional. She enjoys eating ice cream and other sweet cuisines because she doesn't have any teeth to worry to damage. She also uses the word "kek" way too much and should stop.
Sukka is a fluffy plushie dog boy. He is not a big talker but instead a big thinker and finds himself pondering way too much of out of the smallest of things.